New works coming soon

Gary is hard at work on the marvelous and meticulously researched science based Steampunk novel, Perseverance Undaunted. He has made considerable progress on the novel during the month of July.

The novel, which is a sequel to Perseverance Triumphant, has the lovable characters of Star Captain Demetrius Cogswell and Lady Elidora Thistle saving lives, investigating an ancient mystery and getting to know each other better. All of this goes on while they are trying to thwart the evil machinations of an old adversary.

What is new about this story is its ability to be technically as accurate as possible without losing its sense of fun.

Helen is hard at work on Return to the Maelstrom. She felt that she was compelled to tell the story of a Persian Gulf War Veteran who seeks a solution to a physical ailment that doesn’t really matter in terms of his life. He has limitations compared to his former life, but the woman who loves him, loves him as he is, for who he is.

Meanwhile, an unlikely couple is resurrected from the Maelstrom, a data fountain, by an artificial intelligence named ADA that becomes more human every nanosecond. This technology attracts the attention of a greedy, dangerous woman into the occult.

This novel is all about tech without forgetting heart.

Both writers, Gary and Helen, keep each other awake nights giggling and laughing about silly matters that matter to them. They also work at staying healthy in this Delta world and pray that everyone else do the same.

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