Helen Lemus Published in Culture Issue of Moida

The magazine chose the best to represent those who live on borders of nations, expressions and convictions. Helen Lemus wrote an essay about her experience with growing up on the psychological and social border between American culture and her parent Cuban culture.

The essay is short but lyrical. Lemus uses cleverly constructed sentences to share her vulnerability growing up and her reactions to the seemingly impossible task of being two peoples American and Cuban.

The essay taps into cultural history by relating cross cultural references to the the myths surrounding the image of the turtle. In her research, Lemus found that the animal was held in contempt by the Judeo-christian myth tradition but was treasured in Egypt and other nations.

For example, in certain African places, the turtle was seen as a trickster that was able to find a way out of difficult situations. This came from Nigeria from the Yoruba people. There is a great number of Yoruba influence in Cuba from religion to music.

https://www.moida.co/magazine is the link to purchase the magazine.

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