Gary “Steampunks around the world”

He was invited to tea with such luminaries as Ms. Stella Mumsford and Steamgoth band, Victor Sierra. Watch them here.

Gary was replaced by his noble alter- ego, Captain Cogswell, of Perseverance Triumphant.

Image of Captain Cogwell's Naval Officer uniform with Starship in this and buttons with mechanical brass hand.
Captain Cogswell, (Gary)

At the tea, there was discussion of the creation of a Steampunk person, how to unwrap a mummy without invoking the wrath of the dead amongst other things.

Captain Cogswell talked about the construction of his space steamship, the H.M.S. Perseverance Triumphant. He was as dashing as ever in his blue Captain’s uniform and dignified beard.

What was the tea all about?

  • The tea was a part of the Steampunking Around the World Convention where people who liked Steampunk would tune in via Facebook to see live performances.
  • People could post their names and home states on a large map so that people could connect.
  • Steampunkers could post links to their books, videos or music for Steampunks to find. There was a list of seminars of featured artists. Gary had one.

The tea is still available online for you to view and enjoy, but the live portion took place on June 12, 2021.

Gary faced many challenges getting his seminar up and running, and it was completed under intense pressure and under serious time constraints. Ever the professional, he never even broke a sweat.

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