The Midnight Oil

Marcelle Zanetti is a consummate artist who prefers to paint with oils and acrylic. She has had a long and productive career and is not stopping any time soon.

Zanetti graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with degrees in Painting and Art Education. Upon graduating, she immediately went to work interning with Ted Crawley. Always helping others, she took her knowledge of Art and developed and conducted Art Therapy sessions for older adults and people with disabilities.

I loved my job but the only problem was I had no time to paint.

Marcelle Zanetti by email.

She continued helping at various nursing homes however until her family moved. After that, she dedicated her life to painting. Her first exhibition at Martin County was very well received by the press.

My paintings take the viewer on a journey of light and abstraction. Intricate details are documented while the painting surface is rendered expressionistically.

Zanetti by email

Zanetti is now at work on developing new paintings at her private studio while teaching Painting at Fairchild Botanical Gardens. Her work is on display locally in the Hilton Hotel Miami Airport on Blue Lagoon, at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Brickell, at Bank of America in Miami and at The Ocean Club on Key Biscayne.

The Embler Art Gallery is showing this work.

During the lockdown period of the pandemic, she had begun work on a large scale painting and worked on that for most of the height of the catastrophe. Then, she was able to have a virtual showing with the ArtSouth program.

She has a strong value system that keeps her going when the artist’s life’s “roller coaster” takes her for a ride. She is engaged with the world and does not fear current problems but looks them in the eye.

As an artist, I feel my job is to observe, record and bring attention to these events. My paintings express the transitions I see both environmentally and technically.

Zanetti by email
Marcelle Zanetti © 2021

Book List Spanish Impressionists

This is an introductory list of books on Impressionism available at the library or for purchase on online booksellers. There are two in Spanish in case your linguistic tastes swing that way. 😊

Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla, Spanish Painter’s work.

Joaquin Sorolla was a Spanish Impressionist who used light in his paintings in such a way that he was called a Luminist. His paintings feature subjects of idyllic situations with resplendent beaches, beautiful parks and elegant houses. This image was from the website

This is one of Mildrey Guillot, Cuban Painter’s works.

Mildrey Guillot

Mildrey Guillot is a Cuban painter who trained in Spain. She paints what she feels. Her emotive and rich paintings all are born of her feelings when she starts to paint. She uses color in a passionate way. She has a gallery in Miami, Florida.

Books on Impressionism Available at Library in Miami-Dade County

  • The Private Lives of the Impressionists, Sue Roe, Madrid: Turner, 2006.
  • The Impressionists: the origins of modern painting, Francesco Salvi, New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1994.
  • The Chronicle of Impressionism: a timeline history of impressionist art, Bernard Denvir, Boston: Bulfinch Press, 1993.
  • Impresionismo Español, Antonio Fuster, Madrid: Goya, Reaseguros, 1970. (Spanish)
  • Impresionismo en el Paisaje Catalan, Antonio Fuster, Madrid: Goya, Reaseguros, 1971. (Spanish)
  • Paint with the Impressionists: a step by step guide to their methods and materials for today’s artists, Jonathan Stephenson, New York: Thames and Hudson, 2010.

Books on Spanish Impressionism Available Online

360 Color Paintings of Joaquin Sorolla and Batista, $2.99, Amazon.
Exhibition on screen: The Impressionists, $21.49, Amazon.
The Impressionists, $67.30, Amazon.
Impressionist Art: 1860-1920, $15.00, Barnes and Noble.

Happy reading!