Barbara and Sandy Levy: Artists and Soulmates

The art world needs successful models of couples who share a love of Art as well as love for each other. The husband and wife team, Barbara and Sandy Levy, exemplify what is possible in a relationship where artists support each other. They balance each other’s personalities and professional lives.

Barbara Levy said during an email interview that she sees Art as an extension of her feelings and emotions. She always creates Art with the goal of motivating and entertaining people.

She doesn’t look for motivation to create Art because the inspiration comes to her and she creates. It is an intrinsic part of her core self to create her highly original collages and figures.

Although some people believe that female artists run into difficulties that male artists do not face, Barbara has another, great and positive perspective.

I believe that we are all in it together.

Barbara Levy

Her positive mental attitude has helped her throughout her life and enabled her to successfully hold her family together as well as recover from a horrendous accident that occurred during her high school years.

Having children only served to motivate her as an artists. She said that her son inspired her when he was a baby and still does today as a grown man.

She worked for a time in the field of Disability Studies after graduating from FIU.

I became a very good private tutor, helping children who were supposed to be left back to advance ahead in school. Some even skipped grades. It was very rewarding.

Barbara Levy

Her work has been shown at the Harris Art Gallery in Hollywood, Florida.

Sandy Levy, photo by Jorge Mejias © 2021

Sandy Levy sees his Art as having a dual purpose: to sell a product or service and to entertain the viewer visually and mentally.

He has had a productive career so far as a commercial photographer.

I have had a great deal of success in that area for over 50 years. There is not much in the way of any product or service that I have not promoted through hundreds of thousands of photographs.

Sandy Levy

Trained in the art of Photography by Wilson Hicks who was the photo editor at Life Magazine for 25 years before going to teach, Sandy graduated from University of Miami. Then, he went to work as a photojournalist for the Miami Beach Daily Sun after being hired on the spot by the editor who was familiar with his work.

He left there for an opportunity to work with a friend in their own studio. Confident and talented, they were very successful.

Sandy is an innovator who devised a method for viewing large 3D photographs without having to use special glasses. He obtained a patent for the invention but the marketing efforts were stymied through no fault of his.

He is also a “pioneer” in the field of virtual tours.

[P]roperly produced virtual tours can help market any product, service or venue. I produced and photographed a virtual tour for the Cunard’s “Queen Mary II” which was used for many years to promote cruises.

Sandy Levy

Sandy enjoys photographing jewelry because it is very challenging, and he loves a challenge. He enjoys making jewelry come alive on a page or on a picture in a website. He also specializes in taking photos of food that look like the food is not flat but realistic.

Barbara and Sandy Levy © Facebook 2021

The Levys support each other’s work, and they are friends, soulmates, and innovative artists. They are grounded professionals and warm-hearted people.

Puchi Noriega: About the Art of Living

Puchi Noriega is a local artist who is originally from Peru and is mostly self taught. Her parents and six siblings worked in a ceramics studio, and she joined them when she was just three years old, so for her art has always been a way of life.

As her talent showed at an early age, it was just natural that as an adult she would win four first prizes at The Richmond Competition in Richmond, VA. She then returned to Peru to teach. Noriega moved to Miami in 1994. In 1997 she founded the first Art Institute of Miami, then the Puchi Art Studio and Falls Art Walk. She lived for a time in Palmetto Bay and currently resides in Cutler Bay.

She has exhibited her work in many galleries and had an exclusive showing of her work sponsored by Art South at the Perrine Community House in Palmetto Bay in 2019.

Puchi Noriega at ArtSouth, Gary Alan Ruse,©, 2019

A few years ago her art became a way of life in a very literal sense, when battling breast cancer. She credits her survival and recovery to her determination to live, and to keep doing the creative work that is so much a part of her. Her paintings and sculpture from that period are striking for the raw emotion they convey. And now she is entering a new phase of art expression that she is excited about.

One of Noriega’s sculptures, ArtSouth, 2019

“I am currently working on a mural at a house in the Miller area,” says Noriega. “It’s about a famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, called Caminito. Caminito is a street museum and a traditional alley, located in La Boca, it inspired the music for the famous tango ‘Caminito,’ composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto. A few of the current Tango celebrities will be portrayed in the mural.”

Caminito, Puchi Noriega, © 2021

The murals are filled with vivid colors and capture the liveliness of people and places with verve and cultural appeal.

She says that painting murals has been this year’s theme for her, She has worked on several murals for a private client and now Caminito for someone else.

“It is very exciting for me to work on large scale projects. It allows for creativity to flourish,” she says.

COVID-19 had an impact on her work, with lock downs and travel restrictions making things more difficult. But once again she rose above the limitations.

“The pandemic inspired me to start giving online classes and in a way to re-invent myself. All challenges are a great source of inspiration,” she continued.

She is currently teaching at her private studio and at The Ceramic League of Miami, located at 8873 SW 129th. Street, Miami, Florida 33176.

You can find her on the web as puchi noriega, or at