New works coming soon

Gary is hard at work on the marvelous and meticulously researched science based Steampunk novel, Perseverance Undaunted. He has made considerable progress on the novel during the month of July.

The novel, which is a sequel to Perseverance Triumphant, has the lovable characters of Star Captain Demetrius Cogswell and Lady Elidora Thistle saving lives, investigating an ancient mystery and getting to know each other better. All of this goes on while they are trying to thwart the evil machinations of an old adversary.

What is new about this story is its ability to be technically as accurate as possible without losing its sense of fun.

Helen is hard at work on Return to the Maelstrom. She felt that she was compelled to tell the story of a Persian Gulf War Veteran who seeks a solution to a physical ailment that doesn’t really matter in terms of his life. He has limitations compared to his former life, but the woman who loves him, loves him as he is, for who he is.

Meanwhile, an unlikely couple is resurrected from the Maelstrom, a data fountain, by an artificial intelligence named ADA that becomes more human every nanosecond. This technology attracts the attention of a greedy, dangerous woman into the occult.

This novel is all about tech without forgetting heart.

Both writers, Gary and Helen, keep each other awake nights giggling and laughing about silly matters that matter to them. They also work at staying healthy in this Delta world and pray that everyone else do the same.

Gary “Steampunks around the world”

He was invited to tea with such luminaries as Ms. Stella Mumsford and Steamgoth band, Victor Sierra. Watch them here.

Gary was replaced by his noble alter- ego, Captain Cogswell, of Perseverance Triumphant.

Image of Captain Cogwell's Naval Officer uniform with Starship in this and buttons with mechanical brass hand.
Captain Cogswell, (Gary)

At the tea, there was discussion of the creation of a Steampunk person, how to unwrap a mummy without invoking the wrath of the dead amongst other things.

Captain Cogswell talked about the construction of his space steamship, the H.M.S. Perseverance Triumphant. He was as dashing as ever in his blue Captain’s uniform and dignified beard.

What was the tea all about?

  • The tea was a part of the Steampunking Around the World Convention where people who liked Steampunk would tune in via Facebook to see live performances.
  • People could post their names and home states on a large map so that people could connect.
  • Steampunkers could post links to their books, videos or music for Steampunks to find. There was a list of seminars of featured artists. Gary had one.

The tea is still available online for you to view and enjoy, but the live portion took place on June 12, 2021.

Gary faced many challenges getting his seminar up and running, and it was completed under intense pressure and under serious time constraints. Ever the professional, he never even broke a sweat.

Helen and Gary team up to deliver

We banded together to learn and grow artistically and help others. We are a husband and wife team based in Miami who offer an eclectic blend of expertise geared towards helping people achieve their professional dreams by creating custom online and print content.

Gary Ruse is an established writer, artist and journalist with a ton of expertise. He enjoys crafting beautiful images, stories and articles that entertain, inform and delight. His articles have been published in Miami’s Community Newspapers. His novels have been published by Doubleday, NAL Signet and Prentice-Hall. His stories have appeared DAW anthologies. His paintings have sold and hung in areas in Miami. He has also helped many people with their art projects.

Helen Lemus is a poet, writer, blogger and musician. She has published articles on local artists in Miami’s Community Newspapers and writes for the established online magazine Video Librarian. She graduated with honors from Florida International University with a degree in English concentrating in Latin American Literature.

What is the blog about?

  • We are blogging about projects of artists in the Miami community. We will also post about our own projects. This will be in our news section.
  • We will feature premium content like essays and reviews on art, film and music. We stick to Miami because that is where we live and the place that we love. There will be a newsletter also.
  • We want to talk to people who share an interest in these subjects and would like to travel here to experience this world, too.
  • As long as some people visit the artists and venues that we highlight, as long as there is some engagement with these great people in our community doing good things for people and for art, and as long as we are healthy and happy, the blog will have served.
  • We are available for consultations on book covers, design, music and website hosting. We help with eBook formatting, professional document design and writing coaching. Please contact us! We will help.

So, thank you for reading this post and for joining us on this adventure that revolves around the Art world. This is our short introduction.