Ivonne Ferrer Prepares for New Exhibit

The Artist

Born in Cuba, this celebrated sculptor now calls Miami, Florida home. She works with ceramics and mixed media. Ivonne Ferrer adds color and vibrancy to any room, not just with her work but with her personality and smile.

The Event

She is preparing some art pieces for an exhibition in the Marco Island Center for the Arts located at 1010 Winterberry Dr. on Marco Island. This is a personal exhibit at the Petite Gallery. It is scheduled to begin on July 10 and to run until August 1, 2023.

The Works in Progress

The work consists of sculptures of assorted body parts painted or tinted in perfectly clean white. They include a human arm with a hand, a baby’s head and a woman’s shoe. These parts are framed and enshrined in colorful cabinets. The cabinets seem to be wood painted with white on the outside and bright colors on the inside.

At first, when I looked at the objects, I was attracted to their clean lines and classic forms. The hand’s features, for example, are ideal and show care for their allusion to a perfect specimen of a hand. Then, the more I thought about it, the more grotesque the items became. I don’t mean grotesque as in displeasing to the eye, but monstrous.

Placing these assorted parts, evidently human, but dead and colorless, in those colorful containers evoked a sense of irony as if celebrating an ideal that is broken and dead. It seemed as though the works celebrated the destruction of a highly regarded ideal. Not just its destruction but its dismemberment is depicted and because of the colors, enjoyed.

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