Off to the Las Olas Art Fair

Beloved Miami artist Tony Mendoza will be headed to the Las Olas Art Fair this weekend on the 16th and 17 the of October. He will be at the fair from 10 AM showing his work.

Artwork by Tony Mendoza.

He said that he is looking forward to the event because it has been some time since something like it happened.

Mendoza is a long-time resident of Miami. He has a space to work in the West Miami area and has a long history of work. He has completed murals for the city of Miami, for prominent buildings and spotlighting local culture.

Cuban-American Casita, by Tony Mendoza.

This work displays what he sees as the Cuban family’s yearning for the “lost isle” as it recreates the island’s architectural style here in Miami. Notice the small icon of Our Lady of Charity, the patroness of Cuba.

More in-depth information on Mr. Mendoza will be here shortly.

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