Our Coral Gables Museum Visit

From the moment we walked into the Coral Gables Museum, we enjoyed ourselves. Although they feature a Gallery Night on the First Friday of each month when entrance is free, we went during the day. We like going out during the day.

The front desk clerk said that he had a secret love for the U.S. Navy and gave us free passes when he found out that we had both been in the military. They have a policy.

He told us how to get the most out of our visit and chatted with us for a little while about Coral Gables history. It was fascinating to find out about the bus terminal and the trolleys.

We entered the first room and were delighted with the exhibit about the city’s founders. There were pictures of George Merrick and Denman Fink. It was stupendous. We saw their family pictures showing when George Merrick was a small child. What really held me completely was the enigmatic portrait of Eunice Peacock Merrick.

I was captivated by the dress! There was this beautiful flapper’s dancing dress in the next room. It was adorned with perfectly preserved lace and small beads. I felt strange about taking pictures. We were not told anything about not taking, but I felt strange so I didn’t.

Creating the Dream

Next, we traveled into the next hall. It was quite large with a high ceiling. There were works there from a traveling exhibit here from Ukraine. There were some amazing pieces.

We saw a collage composed on aluminum that was interesting. There were breathtaking larger works which communicated a sense of horror and pain mixed with honor. It was as if the artists had been hurt but did not crumble. The exhibit was put together to raise awareness and get help for Ukraine by the association Razom.

Painting in Excess

Then we went back to see these wonderful pictures taken for the Coral Gables Photo Contest. We pointed and smiled at the beautiful baby pictures, interesting shots of scenery in the City Beautiful and all of the residents enjoying themselves on the streets of Restaurant Row at night. Architecture pictures had their spots, too.

We had a great time and promise to go back for that Larraz book.

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