In search of…

I am always seeking. There is so much art to discover and appreciate.

Yesterday, Gary and I were talking about art as a method of uplifting humanity and the self. In the struggles of the daily grind, the competition to “make it” and the need to belong, there can be a sense of sorrow and frustration.

Faith needs beauty to survive. In the darkness of the senses, faith and strength go mad and selfish. There are stories of men and women who retreated from the world into nature in order to find solace and comfort even though they had all that material goods seem to provide.

These people found God, peace and love in the songs of the birds, the scents of the flowers and the colors of the sky. I always say that God is a painter when I am looking at a sunset.

In some paintings, like Tracy Ellyn’s, Marcelle Zanetti’s, Puchi Noriega’s and others, beauty comes out and soothes the soul with tender scenes of flowers, striking blends of color and vivid scenes of conviviality. These paintings uplift the heart and soul.

I am older now, and my tastes have changed. For a long time, I enjoyed paintings that were shocking and would depict people in grotesque ways. It was shocking and disturbing and I got to be surprised by it. But, there was an emptiness to it. I would leave the painting feeling sadder for it.

I would like art to bring joy and peace. Maybe sometimes, there will be sorrow, but that sorrow can be overcome in the work. In Noriega’s work, she shows pieces of her struggle but also displays a strong survival spirit.

I will keep searching for these pieces. Just for me, because I am worth it. It’s not proud to say that you acknowledge that you have worth, but humility. Pride is only to believe that you are worth more than someone else.

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