Gary Alan Ruse Project

Book cover is of an asteroid surrounded by different colored planes of space and covered with landing pads and dwelling domes.


Gary Alan Ruse, Tim Sullivan and William Wu have enlisted the aid of some of their favorite friends and authors to create an anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories. The project is Savage Tales of New Port Fierce.


The project was launched on Kickstarter 23 days ago, and the count down is on. Gary set its funding date for June 12, 2022.


The authors are:

  • Brad Aiken
  • Paul Di Filippo
  • Zen Di Pietro
  • Gregory Frost
  • David Gerrold
  • John Kessel
  • James Patrick Kelly
  • Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  • Susan Shwartz

The editors are:

  • Gary Alan Ruse
  • Tim Sullivan
  • William F. Wu


Kickstarter Page


Three artists by the names of Wu, Sullivan and Ruse conceived this wonderful, dangerous and sublime setting on the way to a convention. They have gone through wars and struggles, but are stronger for it, and the idea lived on in them. Their friends, the authors listed above, all have magnificent tales to tell of that setting. It seems that the idea inspired these fantastic tales. So now, we choose the anthology and let them tantalize our imagination with their diverse stories of aliens, mages, nobles and thugs all searching for their desire on New Port Fierce.

Please click here. Take me away!

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